Sustainability is a big topic in the international trading market. It is always hard to make the right investment that will results in a reduction of the emissions. With our group we are trying to tackle this problem and we provide solutions, which has a direct influence on the reduction of emissions. With our logistics solutions, the shipping market can become more sustainable.

Sailing on Nuclear Power (link to Nuclear Power) has a great impact to reduce the emissions. The world is becoming more aware to find sustainable alternatives, which has a direct impact on the sustainability of transportation. Still, it is a controversial topic, which has many restrictions in the world. Last decades many developments were made that we believe that Nuclear Power is safe enough to be used as the future leading energy.

Another direct solution to reduce excessive the emissions is using other trading routes between the Northern Mediterranean. Sailing through the Northern Sea Route in the Arctic Sea (link to Arctic Sea) is possible massively to reduce the distance between Rotterdam – Shanghai with 21%. A reduction of the distance, results in reduction of fuel consumption and transit time, which has a direct impact on the reduction of emissions.