Arctic Sea

The Northern Sea Route in the Arctic Ocean is one of the most prominent routes between Europe and Asia. Today, bigger, and bigger vessels are being build due to the economic growth in the world. At the same time, awareness for the climate is becoming increasingly important.

About 90% of all transport is done by sea transportation. There are multiply routes between Europe and Asia. The Suez Canal is the most used shipping route to / from Europa and Asia. Larger ships cannot pass through and sails via Cape (South-Africa).

The last sea route and the most difficult is the Northern Sea Route in the Arctic Ocean. Due to a lot of ice, it can be dangerous and difficult to pass through the Northern Sea Route. With the global warming the route is becoming more accessible all year around. Besides, that the route is shorter than via Cape, there are more benefits:

•Reduction of transit time
•Reduction of fuel consumption
•Reduction of emmisions

•Reduction of total transport costs

At BSC Group we have exclusive methods of piloting large vessels along the Northern Sea Route using Nuclear Powered Icebreakers. Simultaneously, we have in-house specialist with real-life experience.

“Together to a better planet”